District 41`s probably the first ever and one of the most powerful “women`s only roster” was introduced by Delhi Junction Toastmasters club on Saturday, 29th of July, 2017. The club has conducted a one of a kind ‘Women Special Meeting’ in order to celebrate Women Empowerment. On this occasion, women Toastmasters of 6 different clubs joined hands to make this event memorable. The session marked  attendance from 9 different clubs and District Officers including Nimish Joseph (Division Director, Division F), Shahid Ansari (Area Director, Area H1) , Arun Karkara (Area Director,E2 ), Neha Gupta (Past Area Director 2015-16 , Area C2), Arun Padmanabhan (Immediate Past AreaRead More →

The first COTP for the newly formed division of District 41 – Division L was a huge success, with a grand opening ceremony for a grand entity coming into existence. And the host ITB-STP made event remarkable one for the quality they showcased. One can only dream of such an event where all the masters of public speaking come together to share their knowledge and soothe the mind of listeners with vibration of amazing speeches. All the EC roles were explained in detail by people who are top dogs in these domains. People attended this event even when the rainy weather tried to ruin theirRead More →