District 41


Ranked #1 District (2016-17)

Smedley Distinguished (2019-2020)

Call For Area Director Nominations


Members of District 41, 

Warm Greetings!

It is such a privilege and honor to be elected as your District Director for the term 2019-2020 and look forward to the opportunity of serving the members of D-41 towards excellence, with your support.


We have a competent team of Division Directors elected by the District Council and as the tag line of Toastmasters International states, this is a platform “Where Leaders are made”. 


Here comes another wonderful opportunity for the members of the district to grab one of the most important leadership roles in Toastmasters International – The role of an Area Director.  The success of the district, divisions, areas, its clubs and the members within each club largely depends on how well the district leaders execute the responsibilities of their office and through this email, I seek nominations for the role of Area Directors to join the District team. As area director, you will be responsible for leading your area by serving the needs of clubs. Together we will support the district to strengthen the members’ experience and achieve the district’s mission of building new clubs and supporting all clubs in achieving excellence.



The Role:


As an area director, you serve a vital role in Toastmasters. Of all district leaders, you are the closest to clubs and members and are a direct link between them and the division and district. It’s a rewarding role with many responsibilities. During your term you will do the following: 

  • Visit every club in your area at least twice a year and more frequently if possible.
  • Maintain regular contact with club presidents. 
  • Encourage ideas and cooperation from clubs and members.
  • Ensure that every club in your area is of the highest quality so that members benefit from the Toastmasters education program.
  • Identify opportunities for club enhancement that help bring about positive change.
  • Support and motivate clubs to provide the best possible member experience, enhancing member retention and building membership.
  • Assist your area and the clubs in it to earn Distinguished recognition, thereby contributing to division and district recognition programs.

In your role as an area director, you enhance your own communication and leadership skills while giving back to your community of Toastmasters. The invaluable experience you gain during your time as area director can prepare you for additional responsibilities in your Toastmasters leadership journey.



Additional Expectations:


As an Area Director, 

  • Be prepared to travel within/outside your city.
  • Think beyond your home club. If nominated, you may not be appointed as the Area Director for the Area with your home club.
  • Strengthen Club Mentor-ship. Ensure that the club mentors visit the clubs regularly. If they are unable to do so, be sure to make alternative arrangements.
  • Ensure Quality Contests. 
    • Provide support to members at the club level to perform well in contests. 
    • Plan and Organize Area Level Contests.
    • Assist the Division Director in Organizing the Division Level Contests and Division Conference.
    • Provide plenty of support to the contestants at each level.
  • Encourage Club Officers’ Training. Training is essential for:
    • Enabling club officers to serve the members in the best manner.
    • Club officers to receive the due credit in the path of becoming DTM.
    • DCP recognition.
  • Discourage malpractices. In order to achieve goals and earn recognition, often members deviate from the purpose of the program, i.e. learning. Ensure that every member associates themselves strongly with the first Core Value of Toastmasters International, i.e., Integrity.
  • Familiarize yourself with Moments of Truth. Your role requires you to ensure that the clubs meet the standards set by Toastmasters International as a part of “Moments of Truth”.
  • Be a role model for the members. Uphold the Toastmasters Promise and Toastmasters International Core Values.

Please make a note that your home club may or may not be part of the Area that is assigned to you. 






At the time of taking office, it has so far been the practice that the area directors shall have served as members of a district council i.e. he/she would have served a term as a President or VP Education of a club. Exceptions may be considered on a case to case basis.


For a better understanding of the roles and associated responsibilities, please go through the following attachments below:

  • 222 District Leadership Handbook
  • 219 Serving Clubs Through Visits – A Guide for Area Directors
  • District Leaders Competencies


Application Procedure:



If you are interested to apply for this role or would like to nominate someone, please click on the below link and enter the required information:

  • Please apply through the above form latest by 30th May, 2019.
  • I will appoint Area Director based on :
    • The information given in the form.
    • Through the testimonials by the other members and leaders.
    • Interaction/interview over the phone by senior Toastmasters from my team.           

Looking forward to creating miracles with your support, by empowering; evolving and engaging leaders and members of District 41.



Warm regards, 


Jennifer Ghosh, DTM

+91 7044636603

District Director Elect (2019-20)

Immediate Past Club Growth Director (2017-18)  

District 41, Toastmasters International


Serving North and East India, Bhutan, Nepal & Bangladesh

Area Director Competencies

Click the button to view Serving Clubs Through Visits: A Guide for Area Directors

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