Toastmasters Club of Dwarka “We are, at almost every point of our day, immersed in cultural diversity: faces, clothes, smells, attitudes, values, traditions, behaviors, beliefs, rituals.” – Randa Abdel-Fattah India is a land of cultural diversity. It is said in every 60km, you get to see a new culture. From hottest of summers to coldest of winters; from rainiest of the rainy seasons to driest of droughts, India represents an amalgam of different climates, and environment giving birth to different cultures born out of human’s will to conquer and survive.  Taking this in mind, the Toastmasters Club of Dwarka (TMCD) organized its 346th Meeting withRead More →

Participants ~ August 2018 Click on a club name to view the full article. Capital City Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Delhi Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Elite Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Faridabad Toastmasters Club VIEW ENTRY Gurgaon Toastmasters Club VIEW ENTRY IBM Blue Voice Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Infosys Toastmasters SEZ VIEW ENTRY Inspira Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Jaipur Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Pink City Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Reliance Toastmasters Club VIEW ENTRY Siliguri Queens Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Siliguri Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY South Delhi Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Techno Ariston Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Infosys Toastmasters Bhubaneswar Club VIEW ENTRY Toastmasters Club of Dwarka VIEW ENTRYRead More →

Infosys Toastmasters Bhubaneswar Club Infosys Toastmasters Bhubaneswar Club conducted a special session on the theme ‘Cultural Diversity : The existence of a variety of cultural or ethnic groups within the society’ on 24th August,2018. To begin with, the charming Master of Ceremony maintained good humour throughout the session by sharing his personal experiences and stories of different cities where he belonged to since his childhood.Then, the Table Topics Master appeared as extra shine coming up with interesting topics which made the session enjoyable and informational.The fun segment conducted by the Associate VP PR of the club was the cherry on the cake. Moreover, the mainRead More →

Techno Ariston Toastmasters On 19th Of August 2018, Techno Ariston Toastmasters Club was illuminated by the charisma of the Toastmaster of the day and the vibrant theme of ‘CULTURAL DIVERSITY’. When the Toastmaster of the day unfolded the different cultures and religions using a single fabric, it seized maximum attention of the audience and captivated them throughout. By doing so, we shared a meaningful message : Everyone is different and yet just the same. The Toastmaster of the day then unified all the religions and cultures in the very initial moments by personifying them at the start. The session was sprinkled with “Integrity in Diversity,Read More →

South Delhi Toastmasters South Delhi Toastmasters celebrated ‘Cultural Diversity’ as a part of its weekly meetings on 25th August 2018. Cultural diversity in India is celebrated in terms of language, food, clothing, festivals and rituals. Indians are natural storytellers with respect to their faiths and culture going back centuries. Each state has its own language, food, clothing, festivals and rituals and keeping this in mind South Delhi Toastmasters organized a special meet to understand its members culture in a more comprehensive manner. India becomes a salad bowl in which all communities retain their distinct identities. The Toastmaster of the day for the meeting reiterated thatRead More →

Siliguri Toastmasters Club 22 major languages, 13 different scripts, over 720 dialects, diverse cultures, different faiths bound together by one single thread, India! To any traveler’s mind, the image of India is like a palette of colors, ruddy weather-beaten faces and vibrantly colorful attires. Our country is marked for its hyperbolic celebration of festivals – Holi, Eid, Pongal, Dussehra, Bihu, Ganesh Chaturthi, Christmas – all celebrated with equal fervor. Northeast India is home to naturally hospitable people with hearts warmer than their hearths and bigger than their homes. Area J1 comprises North Bengal and Sikkim, and Siliguri Toastmasters Club is the first club from thisRead More →

Siliguri Queens Toastmasters Unity in Diversity On 17th August, 2018, Siliguri Queens Toastmasters club had its 47th weekly meeting. Right after the 72nd Independence day, to keep the spirit alive, our TMOD suggested every member to represent a state. TM Priyanka was the TMOD for the day. The theme was “Unity in diversity”. Just like our country stands proud in unity with all the diversifications, our club stands together too with ladies of different age groups coming from various backgrounds. We started the meeting sharp at twelve noon with the sound of the gong by our Sergeant At Arms- TM Ritu Mundhra. The room wasRead More →

Reliance Toastmasters Club, Kathmandu, Nepal We are Onset to Represent Our Nativity and Typicality Fostering Fraternity with Cultural DiversityTransformation is reflected in the narration of the events of the Reliance Toastmasters club. Diversity radiated through the vivid representation of the different cultures in the distinguishing outfits and performances of the members during the 67th chapter meet of Reliance Toastmasters Club, held on 18th August, 2018. The meeting was a memorable celebration of the glorified short history of its establishment. Each member king represented a unique cultural notion through a concise preface of his/her cultural specialties in their individual introductions in his/her native language during theRead More →

Pink City Toastmasters A University of Diversity On August 19th, 2018, PCTC celebrated the club’s cultural diversity with the theme – PCTC: A University of Diversity.  PCTC is one of the oldest Toastmaster Clubs in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It was chartered in October 2013 and since then there have been 193 individuals, from different walks of life, becoming members of the club. Just like a University, PCTC has been equivalent to an educational institution wherein members learn from each other’s experience and develop communication and leadership skills. They do so by researching and experimenting with their skills in the laboratory i.e club meetings.  The club isRead More →

Jaipur Toastmasters Thinking Diversity with Cultural Hats India is a vast country that is rich in history, beauty, diverse tradition and culture. Turban, Pagdi, Pheta, Jaapi kurakul, Gandhi topi are an integral part of our cultural asset. These headgears come in multiple designs and vibrant colours. They represent different regions, cultures and traditions with a common motto of respect, royalty, honour, pride, prestige and patriotism. Since ages, they are worn during festivals, weddings, cultural ceremonies etc. binding people together and spreading the message of peace, prosperity and progress. Our country has always been a land of mystics, philosophers and thinkers. We are privileged to haveRead More →

Inspira Toastmasters We live in a colorful country that glitters all the way from the tip of Jammu to the tail of Kanyakumari. It sparkles and shines attracting every other nation towards its beauty. Diversity is its other name.My country is home to an amalgamation of several cultures. It breeds different cuisines, languages, attires, dance forms, music, religions and philosophies. Each state is different in its own way. Each place has its essence of specialty in the uniqueness it carries.This multi-cultural and multi-religious country celebrates varied festivals around the year. Right from January to December somewhere or the other people are rejoicing one festival orRead More →

Infosys Toastmasters SEZ “CULTURE IS NOT INNATE. IT IS LEARNED” 101*, just like the batsman who feels relaxed, confident and brings forth his more natural style on the field we Toastmasters after a striking century celebrated our 101st session with a “tadka” (tinge) of our Culture with the theme “Culture is not innate, it is learned”. What’s better to know someone’s culture than by its language, food, festivals and clothes. The Toastmasters adorned with traditional attire looking colourful and vibrant which can be witnessed in the photographs, letting the other members know about their interesting traditions, customs and their local folklores. The toastmasters sang songsRead More →

IBM Blue Voice Toastmasters In this complex world there are things that is still simple. The color of Diversity is one of them. Though many countries impose monolithic notions of “national unity”, there exist countries like India which has established diversity as its strength. Cultural Diversity is not evangelized blindfolded. It is equally important that people around the world know and understand that the flip side of diversity is deep division and inequalities that exists ranging from trivial basis of age, gender, sexual orientation to most malicious system of them all, the caste system. From an organization or community perspective, building cultural competence makes aRead More →

Gurgaon Toastmasters Club Guest Abhishek Guest Akansha Guest Aman TM Ashish TM Sandeep TM Sourabh TM Sudhir TT Winner Ashish Cultural diversity is integral part of life in India. In cities like Gurugram and Delhi, almost every language and culture has carved its niche. On one hand, we have heritage monuments which are historical and cultural masterpieces. Examples are Red Fort, Taj Mahal, Udaipur, Jaipur etc. On the other hand, we see technology and science deeply connected with them, for example – Jantar Mantar. It was on discussion during the table topic section in the meeting held on 26th August 2018. This day was alsoRead More →

Faridabad Toastmasters Club As Indians, we are proud of our cultural diversity and strongly believe in the slogan, “unity in diversity”. But what importance does diversity hold for a Toastmasters Club? Toastmasters is a platform which by design promotes cross-learning between individuals coming from different cultural backgrounds, different professions and different walks of life. So, diversity of club members is crucial to promote this cross-learning. We celebrated this diversity of FTMC Club members in our 240th meeting on 19th August 2018. Our toastmaster of the day, Tara, led this meeting and shared her insights on how toastmasters coming from diverse backgrounds are united by aRead More →

Elite Toastmasters http://Array Drawing parallels – Indian Cultural Diversity, and Toastmasters 29 states, 22 major languages, in 13 different scripts (over 720 dialects), multiple ethnicities, numerous festivals, and one nation: INDIA. No wonder, we can proudly state that no other country is as culturally diverse as ours. On one hand, we have festivals like Durga Puja, Christmas and Eid, the celebration of which involves months of preparation, dedication, creativity, love and faith, quite similar to the Prepared Speeches at Toastmasters. On the other hand, some festivities are to be celebrated by living in the moment, like playing Holi, akin to Table Topics Session in Toastmasters.Read More →

Delhi Toastmasters Crossing millions of years on this earth and developing as human beings we took cultures to create our lives. Cultural diversity is a sense of unity in the vast array of different perspectives. It exhibits meeting of mind even after being different from each other. This term can be destructive or constructive depending upon how the circumstances make one behave. The circumstances in Delhi Toastmasters results in celebration every week. The members of Delhi Toastmasters belongs to 13 different states and even 3 different countries altogether. In this one meeting themed as CULTURAL DIVERSITY, our purpose – Distinguished Toastmaster ABBAS AKBAR made usRead More →

Capital City Toastmasters Capital City Toastmasters club organized a great and  fun meeting on 24th August, 2018 in Himachal Bhawan, Mandi House New Delhi. It was hosted by TMOD TM Dheeraj Jain. This meeting’s objective was to find out how culturally diverse is our club. He started by explaining what is cultural diversity and how India is full of diverse people. He asked people what background they came from, not just according to their caste; but also professionally. Some are Punjabi, some were Jain etc. People are also very different professionally. We have students, people working in Big Four and businessmen. The TMOD also conductedRead More →

It seems like it was only yesterday that NEI Toastmasters Club took its first step of Toastmasters journey and now here we are completing our one full month at NEI. NEI – National Engineering Industries (CK Birla Group), is a leading bearing manufacturing company of India. Founded in 1946 and  located in the heart of Jaipur city, it is one of the biggest manufacturing companies in Jaipur with more than 2000 employees. The seed of starting a club at NEI was sown on 29th July 2017 with a demo meeting. This could happen because of persistent efforts of Division-D Director TM Sangeet Rajoria and AreaRead More →

In Steel Toastmasters Club, Jamshedpur As goes the Buddhist proverb, if you light a lantern for someone, your own path gets enlightened, and this clearly explains how Mentoring matters in our lives.  Our 168th meeting started off with the mandatory rules explained by our SAA TM Shilpi. TM Medha as the Acting President and TMOD uncovered the beautiful aspect of mentoring and how Toastmasters uses the concepts and values of mentoring in its educational program.  Giving examples from her own Toastmaster’s journey, she presented how even the mentee can turn out to be a mentor’s inspiration. The audience drafted a cumulative dos and don’ts tableRead More →