It is a time of immense pride for our club Infosys Toastmasters BBSR SEZ as it completed its 100 sessions on 23rd August, 2018. ITB SEZ got chartered on 7th September, 2016. Through these 2 years we have overcome many hindrances, and faced many challenges, but today we stand strong, already 100 sessions old. The 100th session was a grand event which was attended by our District PR manager TM Smita Pati and Area Director I2 TM Somali Mallick. The event invitation was sent out to all the club’s of Division I in both flyer and video format. The event was started by a smallRead More →

Area J4 of Division J, District 41 conducted their COTP session on 17th August 2018.The venue was sponsored by Leads Toastmasters Club in the premises of Leads Corporation. EC members and members of 4 Clubs of Area J4 joined the session along with participation from one club from Area J3. The Clubs are: Dhaka Toastmasters Club, Leads Toastmasters Club, North South University Toastmasters and ACNABIN Toastmasters Club which just got chartered last week, and Dhaka Bangladesh Toastmasters Club from Area J3. The event started with registration and networking between members of different clubs followed by COTP. The sessions were conducted by Immediate Past President of NorthRead More →

There’s a saying “Everything magical happens outside your comfort zone” and we at TCS Maitree Gurgaon Toastmasters Club witnessed it a few days back. As the newly elected club officers were attending COTP on a bright Saturday morning and networking with fellow club officers of other clubs, one of the Presidents (TM Arushi Gupta, BlueQuest Toastmasters) suggested the idea of a joint meeting in the following week at their office. Though the idea sounds great but it has its own set of complications; especially when you run a corporate club.   For a corporate club, the office is its cocoon where every member feels safe,Read More →

Participants ~ August 2018 Click on a club name to view the full article. Capital City Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Delhi Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Elite Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Faridabad Toastmasters Club VIEW ENTRY Gurgaon Toastmasters Club VIEW ENTRY IBM Blue Voice Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Infosys Toastmasters SEZ VIEW ENTRY Inspira Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Jaipur Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Pink City Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Reliance Toastmasters Club VIEW ENTRY Siliguri Queens Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Siliguri Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY South Delhi Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Techno Ariston Toastmasters VIEW ENTRY Infosys Toastmasters Bhubaneswar Club VIEW ENTRY Toastmasters Club of Dwarka VIEW ENTRYRead More →

Participation: The event witnessed around 45 members from 6 clubs across the division which comprises of states Odisha, Jharkhand, and Bihar. The event was also attended by The Club Growth Director of District 41, TM Nimish Joseph, Division Director of Division I, Dr. Chetna Verma, Public Relations Manager of District 41, Smita Pati , Area directors of Division I, Soumojit Chowdhury, Medha Hossain, and Somali Mallick, Immediate Past President Distinguished Division Director DTM Kaushik Bhattacharya, past area directors Mitra Samal and Amarapali Pattnaik. Highlights: The distinguished club program and district awards by Nimish Joseph enabled clubs to plan and estimate how much the clubs could achieve until the end of the term. This was beneficial for the clubs as it made each club’s EC set aRead More →

A reflection of our belief. At Adobe, we believe in making work fun for the employees. The Escape FunFair 2018 was a reflection of our belief. The fair was a consort of multiple games that gathered an enormous crowd and Adobe Toastmasters Club, like always, created a bar of high socialization and made sure that employees get to know more about Toastmasters International through a unique way. Thanks to leaders from the Adobe Toastmasters Club, we were able to host two games at the fair – scrabble and tongue twisters, and we were euphoric to see employees participating in our games. Lastly, Adobe Toastmasters ClubRead More →

Lucknow Toastmasters Club Words can empower, motivate, words attract, elevate, demean, alienate, haunt and kill. Words can do all of them and none at all. Blessed with the power of wielding words, should we ask for more? We hear and speak words every day for the reason that we heavily rely on them to communicate. Because of this, words play a very important role for shaping our beliefs and perception of reality. It is estimated that the average person speaks more than 7,000 words per day. Even though we hear and speak words every day, most of us have no clue as to how powerfulRead More →

There is a strange looming urban legend associated with my time as a Vice-President Membership at Delhi One Toastmasters (DOTM) – that every member who eventually enrolled as a member during that term went through some kind of a litmus test conducted entirely at my discretion and judged solely by myself, before being considered ‘fit and proper’ to be inducted as members. (The fate of those who did not pass this notorious test, are known to this day only by the then Club President, TM Nimesh “The Beard” Bansal (CC, ALB), the then Vice-President (Education), TM Devina “The Pout” Chaturvedi (ACS, ALB) and my assistingRead More →

For a long time, the subject of dream has intrigued me personally. What are dreams really? Philosophers say, it is a projection of our own reality, and psychologists say it is our subconscious mind that builds pictures. But then, if reality is just a matter of perspectives, as they say, then why are dreams unreal? This is three years back from now. It was late night that day and I was sitting in my office cab, playing with my blackberry, and waiting for Driver Bhaiya to start the car when it’s time. Suddenly a story idea struck me. Yes, story ideas always strike me atRead More →

It seems like it was only yesterday that NEI Toastmasters Club took its first step of Toastmasters journey and now here we are completing our one full month at NEI. NEI – National Engineering Industries (CK Birla Group), is a leading bearing manufacturing company of India. Founded in 1946 and  located in the heart of Jaipur city, it is one of the biggest manufacturing companies in Jaipur with more than 2000 employees. The seed of starting a club at NEI was sown on 29th July 2017 with a demo meeting. This could happen because of persistent efforts of Division-D Director TM Sangeet Rajoria and AreaRead More →

In Steel Toastmasters Club, Jamshedpur As goes the Buddhist proverb, if you light a lantern for someone, your own path gets enlightened, and this clearly explains how Mentoring matters in our lives.  Our 168th meeting started off with the mandatory rules explained by our SAA TM Shilpi. TM Medha as the Acting President and TMOD uncovered the beautiful aspect of mentoring and how Toastmasters uses the concepts and values of mentoring in its educational program.  Giving examples from her own Toastmaster’s journey, she presented how even the mentee can turn out to be a mentor’s inspiration. The audience drafted a cumulative dos and don’ts tableRead More →

“Dreams are not that you see when you are asleep, rather dreams are the things that keep you from sleeping.” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam We had a collective dream to set up a community toastmasters club at Ranchi, and it took us almost two years to realise our dream. It has been a journey, full of hard work, commitment, dedication and sheer thrill. The most wonderful part of this journey has been the amazing people we have met and added to our family. Even though we got officially recognised as a club last week, we had stitched together our “Club” long back. We hadRead More →

Dear Sir Ralph C. Smedley, We would like to express our gratitude and respect to the Founder of Toastmasters International in this 5th of September on the occasion of Happy Teachers Day. Even though we don’t bring your name during Toastmasters Meetings, but every time we say ‘Toastmasters’, we say Smedley. You said, “All speech is for communication, and there is no possibility of communication unless people understand. Your Club can help you to find out whether you are making yourself understood.” On 22nd October 1924, you invited a small group to meet in the Santa Ana, California YMCA where you conducted the first meeting ofRead More →

Keeping up with the traditions of Toastmasters Community Club, organized its annual celebratory event, ‘Carnival’ on 27 August ’17.  Hours of planning, hard work and dedication led the event to a grand success. The MOC TM Souraja hosted the event with finesse and flair. Her welcoming attitude made the guests comfortable. The first presentation of the evening was by TM Sweta of TechM Toastmasters who shared her experiences throughout her TM journey. TM Ankit of TMBTC carried with Table Topic Workshop that charmed all the guests and induced them in taking part in the TT contest. TT Master TM Shivasish of TMBTC-KP conducted the contestRead More →

As we were coming up with ideas for the theme in our 15th North South University Toastmasters meeting, a post by Smita Pati, District 41’s Newsletter Editor to have a meeting themed “The Secrets to Great Leadership” popped up on Facebook. Thus, it was obliged. We had 15th meeting themed “The Secret of Great Leadership”. Even though the preposition was different but the motto was same. The 15th North South University Toastmasters meeting was held on 24th August 2017. The meeting marked our members’ completion of ice breaking speeches from their CC Manual making us earn The Smedley Award. The meeting was opened and invocatedRead More →

  First Birthday marks a major milestone in anyone’s life and everyone looks forward to it. The club members were excited about the club’s birthday. Delhi Toastmasters celebrated its first birthday on 20th August 2017. A full house was welcomed by a commemorating impromptu dance and decorated venue was taken into control by two thieves-aka-Surprise Toastmasters of the Day at gunpoint. And fun started hence. After a rib-tickling session of the TMODs who had adorned themselves with beards and big plastic guns, two prepared speeches were delivered followed by their evaluations. A birthday party without musical chairs is incomplete. Hence, the guests and the membersRead More →

Turning Point Toastmasters’ 16th Meeting turned out to be an energy-packed, informative and knowledgeable session. TMOD Mridula with the theme “The Secrets to Great Leadership” kept everyone engaged with many leadership tips. Speaker Rahul Chaudhary delivered an excellent speech on the plight of Indian farmers in the present era in the first section of the session. This was followed by Table Topics conducted by TM Heena with some amazing topics. Member and guests both participated in the Table Topics Session. General Evaluator TM Anuj Gupta with his team of evaluators – Karan, Vijay and Sweety presented the evaluation, ‘sandwich-ed’. The cherry on the cake wasRead More →

Division L, District 41, the newest division of 2017 has been in the limelight since its day of inception. Spreading its wings from Bhubaneswar to Bihar and Jharkhand, a top-up COTP was arranged in Jamshedpur for the clubs who could not attend the training at Bhubaneswar. Dr Chetna Verma, Area Director, L3, took the responsibility to conduct an equally amazing session for those who missed all the fun and learning at the COTP. XLRI Toastmasters and Insteel Toastmastersshowed excellent coalition as hosts.  Insteel Toastmasters, XLRI Toastmasters, IIM Ranchi Toastmasters and Hourglass Toastmasters International-NIT Rourkela Chapter were the participating clubs for the training. The event had an appropriate balance of learning with fun, and great cuisine. Setting the right mood of excitementRead More →

District 41`s probably the first ever and one of the most powerful “women`s only roster” was introduced by Delhi Junction Toastmasters club on Saturday, 29th of July, 2017. The club has conducted a one of a kind ‘Women Special Meeting’ in order to celebrate Women Empowerment. On this occasion, women Toastmasters of 6 different clubs joined hands to make this event memorable. The session marked  attendance from 9 different clubs and District Officers including Nimish Joseph (Division Director, Division F), Shahid Ansari (Area Director, Area H1) , Arun Karkara (Area Director,E2 ), Neha Gupta (Past Area Director 2015-16 , Area C2), Arun Padmanabhan (Immediate Past AreaRead More →