Division L, District 41, the newest division of 2017 has been in the limelight since its day of inception. Spreading its wings from Bhubaneswar to Bihar and Jharkhand, a top-up COTP was arranged in Jamshedpur for the clubs who could not attend the training at Bhubaneswar. Dr Chetna Verma, Area Director, L3, took the responsibility to conduct an equally amazing session for those who missed all the fun and learning at the COTP. XLRI Toastmasters and Insteel Toastmastersshowed excellent coalition as hosts.  Insteel Toastmasters, XLRI Toastmasters, IIM Ranchi Toastmasters and Hourglass Toastmasters International-NIT Rourkela Chapter were the participating clubs for the training. The event had an appropriate balance of learning with fun, and great cuisine. Setting the right mood of excitementRead More →

The first COTP for the newly formed division of District 41 – Division L was a huge success, with a grand opening ceremony for a grand entity coming into existence. And the host ITB-STP made event remarkable one for the quality they showcased. One can only dream of such an event where all the masters of public speaking come together to share their knowledge and soothe the mind of listeners with vibration of amazing speeches. All the EC roles were explained in detail by people who are top dogs in these domains. People attended this event even when the rainy weather tried to ruin theirRead More →