It is a time of immense pride for our club Infosys Toastmasters BBSR SEZ as it completed its 100 sessions on 23rd August, 2018. ITB SEZ got chartered on 7th September, 2016. Through these 2 years we have overcome many hindrances, and faced many challenges, but today we stand strong, already 100 sessions old. The 100th session was a grand event which was attended by our District PR manager TM Smita Pati and Area Director I2 TM Somali Mallick. The event invitation was sent out to all the club’s of Division I in both flyer and video format. The event was started by a smallRead More →

Dear Sir Ralph C. Smedley, We would like to express our gratitude and respect to the Founder of Toastmasters International in this 5th of September on the occasion of Happy Teachers Day. Even though we don’t bring your name during Toastmasters Meetings, but every time we say ‘Toastmasters’, we say Smedley. You said, “All speech is for communication, and there is no possibility of communication unless people understand. Your Club can help you to find out whether you are making yourself understood.” On 22nd October 1924, you invited a small group to meet in the Santa Ana, California YMCA where you conducted the first meeting ofRead More →