District 41


Ranked #1 District (2016-17)

Smedley Distinguished (2019-2020)

Delhi Toastmasters

Crossing millions of years on this earth and developing as human beings we took cultures to create our lives. Cultural diversity is a sense of unity in the vast array of different perspectives. It exhibits meeting of mind even after being different from each other. This term can be destructive or constructive depending upon how the circumstances make one behave. The circumstances in Delhi Toastmasters results in celebration every week.

The members of Delhi Toastmasters belongs to 13 different states and even 3 different countries altogether. In this one meeting themed as CULTURAL DIVERSITY, our purpose – Distinguished Toastmaster ABBAS AKBAR made us laugh together and celebrate together. He asked so many questions regarding Indian Cultural Diversity and we had a Moments of Truth module conducted by Distinguished Toastmaster UDYAN SRIVASTAVA. With that, we also celebrated the spirit of Independent India marking our 72nd Independence Day.

Then an evaluation session was conducted and the meeting ended the conclusion that different yet united we all are. Here at DTM, we are connected with souls and not the faith!

We stand together at Delhi Toastmasters and this is our motto.