District 41


Ranked #1 District (2016-17)

Smedley Distinguished (2019-2020)

Infosys Toastmasters Bhubaneswar Club

Infosys Toastmasters Bhubaneswar Club conducted a special session on the theme ‘Cultural Diversity : The existence of a variety of cultural or ethnic groups within the society’ on 24th August,2018. To begin with, the charming Master of Ceremony maintained good humour throughout the session by sharing his personal experiences and stories of different cities where he belonged to since his childhood.Then, the Table Topics Master appeared as extra shine coming up with interesting topics which made the session enjoyable and informational.The fun segment conducted by the Associate VP PR of the club was the cherry on the cake. Moreover, the main attraction was the ethnic attires donned by the club members that added to the beauty of the session.

The precious one hour was one of the best moments in the club’s history where the members from different backgrounds discovered the unity among them despite their cultural differences.

Arpita Behera
Infosys Toastmasters Bhubaneswar
Area 1, Division I, District 41