District 41


Ranked #1 District (2016-17)

Smedley Distinguished (2019-2020)

Infosys Toastmasters SEZ


101*, just like the batsman who feels relaxed, confident and brings forth his more natural style on the field we Toastmasters after a striking century celebrated our 101st session with a “tadka” (tinge) of our Culture with the theme “Culture is not innate, it is learned”.

What’s better to know someone’s culture than by its language, food, festivals and clothes. The Toastmasters adorned with traditional attire looking colourful and vibrant which can be witnessed in the photographs, letting the other members know about their interesting traditions, customs and their local folklores. The toastmasters sang songs in their local languages, framed sentences in language other than their mother tongue, Hindi and English.

TM Chirasmita carved a beautiful speech around the Konark temple glorifying her own culture. In the table topics session speakers in their impromptu speeches highlighted how much they are enriched by knowing each other’s culture because everyone came out with something interesting.

The session was a true example of how our culture has taught us to set our boundaries free for other’s to come join us so that we can rejoice and celebrate together, how it has inbuilt in us the acceptance to learn each other’s culture and make it our own.