District 41


Ranked #1 District (2016-17)

Smedley Distinguished (2019-2020)

Techno Ariston Toastmasters

On 19th Of August 2018, Techno Ariston Toastmasters Club was illuminated by the charisma of the Toastmaster of the day and the vibrant theme of ‘CULTURAL DIVERSITY’.

When the Toastmaster of the day unfolded the different cultures and religions using a single fabric, it seized maximum attention of the audience and captivated them throughout.

By doing so, we shared a meaningful message : Everyone is different and yet just the same. The Toastmaster of the day then unified all the religions and cultures in the very initial moments by personifying them at the start.

The session was sprinkled with “Integrity in Diversity, Respect for Cultures, Service for All and Excellence in Learning” as taught to us in Toastmasters.

Further, more feathers to the cap were added when all the Toastmasters portrayed different cultures by their alluring attire with utmost honesty.

Everyone witnessed astonishing prepared speeches and very culturally diversified Table Topics which brought out the hidden Love for all cultures from the Spontaneous minds.

Those two hours were promising hours as we all pledged to bring change by obliterating evils which still exist in the name of culture.

Twinkle Verma
Techno Ariston Toastmasters, 3120028.
Area 1, Division H, District 41