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October 2020

Authentic Self

Been toastmasters since April 2013, taken multiple long breaks in between, you must be wondering what’s this guy up to. I have always been asking this question to myself, why join back Toastmasters again and again. Here are some of my thoughts. First time, I went on stage to speak up was when I must be 11 years old. The speakers before me were vibrant, confident and loud. Seeing them, I decided I should also be as loud as possible. This way I will receive more applauses. But when, I reached the stage, my voice vanished, my body acted like a pendulum and without utteringRead More →

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Why does someone join Toastmasters? What drives a person to volunteer? There is no monetary gain. Volunteering demands time, effort and energy. There might be something truly rewarding that nudges people to. That something is the JOY of GIVING. This is why people flock to volunteer across multitude of organizations. Volunteering makes a person humble, grounded and more human. It brings me great joy to state that Toastmasters International recently stood third among all the volunteering organizations in the world. Apart from being a volunteer, a toastmaster has an opportunity to grow and polish his/her public speaking as well as leadership skills. A toastmaster canRead More →

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It was the other day afternoon. I had just renewed my Toastmasters’ Membership, and I was brooding on whether spending the amount was wise, especially in this time of crisis. My garden boasts of a plethora of flowers. All seemed revived and rejuvenated after the short spell of rain, an hour before. Suddenly I spotted a butterfly. There is something about the butterflies that seems to inspire us. Its metamorphosis from an unostentatious caterpillar to a grandiloquent beauty blessed with the gift of flight, carries a strong message that speaks to our own capacity to move through stages of life, reflecting our own voyages ofRead More →

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Why Should I Renew?

“Why did you join Toastmasters?” Do you remember? Was it to gain communication skills? Or was it to polish your leadership skills? Or was it to network? Or was it something entirely different? Do you have it written somewhere? If no, then right away take a piece of paper and jot it down, and if your answer is yes, then you have already crossed a major hurdle towards becoming an excellent communicator and great leader. Toastmasters is a platform where you can learn and grow like nowhere else. You just need to know what you want to learn. You just need to know where youRead More →

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Did you reach this far to only reach this far?

August 2015 when I stepped in toastmasters. The start was slow but the flow kept me improving. As we grow up, the challenges in life also intensified which kept me occupied in other things in life. Eventually I did not renew after 2.5 years or five consecutive terms in toastmaster. March 2018 was my last month in toastmasters and after 1.5 years I realized it was my Cardinal sin not to renew and continue in toastmasters. After a long break I thought to put a brake on the break and made my entry again on 1st January 2020. While speaking I genuinely realized that theRead More →

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Renew your Promise, Revive your spirit!

Promises are both simple and powerful. It is more than a verbal commitment. Holding up to your promises, however small it may be shows your convictions, dependability and trustworthiness. On a daily basis, many of us promise several things either to our own self or others like – I promise I will start exercising from tomorrow Next time I will come on time I promise and many more. Promises generally spring out from the intentions to do better or to improve further. Let me cite an example from my life. For a very long time, I had been an introvert and always wanted to conquerRead More →

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International Speech Contest​

1. Saumendu Bhattacharjee
2. Alpha Maiya Shakya
3. Aditya Gupta

Table Topics Contest​

1. Kanishk Mehta
2. Vidwata Mohata
3. Kartikeya Goel

Speech Evaluation Contest

1. Kaushik Bhattacharya
2. Neha Navalakha
3. Asira Khanal

Humorous Speech Contest

1. Rudra Dev Roy Chudhury
2. Nusrat Huda
3. Smita Sen Gupta

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