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Create your own Happiness

Happiness, a complete sentence within self with lots of logic, emotion
and reasons behind. Its always said to be happy, and the sorrows would
just go away. For a person, who is not fortunate enough to even attend
the school in his/her childhood days its not an easy thing to seek for,
but not even the most difficult of task either.
Raj is elder son in his family with three sisters younger to her who lives
with his mother. During his childhood days, his mother was left alone
by his father to fight the battles of life on her own. Raj had a difficult
childhood, as he had to earn bread for his family to survive their
livelihood struggles. He served as waiter, a cobbler, a cart driver and
what not to see a smile on her mother’s and sister’s face. As he grew up,
things got even more difficult as expenses went high, cost of livelihood
went higher. One thing he always believed what was told to him by his
mother that, “Son, no matter whatever happens in life, always keep a
smile on your face. Because the smile has the power to defeat even the
greatest devil created ever, and it will make you victorious in the end.”
He lived by the words of his mother and worked hard with a smiling
face. Hardship paid off, as he self-taught himself and got a decent job in
a government firm and was able to get his sisters married. He lived with
his mother, and one thing which always made him happy was the fact
that his family always lived with held high, no wrong means were
adopted while they grew up and they had an honest life. This very
feeling gave him immense amount of proud feel and which helped
every family member to have a smile on their face, be it the mother, the
son or the three sisters.
Thus, we see how even a simple can be the way to celebrate happiness
as enjoyed by Raj.
That’s what called,” Creating your own happiness”.


Ankit K Shrivastava


IBM Blue Voice Toastmasters Club


Create Your Own Happiness


August 2020