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Create Your Own Happiness

How does one become happy? Is there a magical formula for happiness?

The answer to these questions, my friends, lies within. There is no one size-fits all solution to all our problems since we are all different.

150+ days of solitude post the lockdown have taught me a few valuable life-lessons on how to be happy. My 10 commandments of happiness are:

1. Allocate a minimum of an hour every day to unwind and do what you love doing the most. It could be cooking, dancing, reading, catching up with someone or just about anything that makes you happy!

2. Choose not to respond to everything that demands your attention. Not everything that demands your attention is worth your attention.

3. You can be deliriously happy even when you’re alone. I honestly feel that solitude has allowed me so much time to self-introspect and become the most productive version of myself. Try it out!

4. Eat healthy. I’ve hardly ordered in food ever since the lockdown started and guess what, a healthy body serves as a precursor to a happy mind

5. Exercise daily.

6. Help and be kind to as many people as you can. This is something that I have sworn by my entire life and just the smile or appreciation that I receive from someone, makes me even more happy.

7. Do atleast 1 thing that you have always wanted to do but have never found the time or courage to do so. The happiness that you get after finally doing it, is priceless.

8. Set small daily or weekly goals and celebrate when you achieve them!

9. Practice gratitude. Maintain a thank-you journal which you can update at the end of each day for all the things that went well on that day. Your future self will thank you for doing this

10. Focus on the NOW. Stop worrying about the future and things that you cannot control!

Don’t wait to unbox your happiness and live your life to the fullest!


Ekta C Shetty


JPKU Toastmasters Club


Create Your Own Happiness


August 2020