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Create your own happiness

Just until a couple of months ago, I held this picture-perfect concept in my mind regarding what happiness should look and feel like. Theoretically, I knew that I was the only one who could truly make myself happy but I overlooked to decide what happiness would actually mean for me. I had a rough sketch in my mind that I would be doing a work that I would enjoy and pay me well such that I can afford frequent trips and adventures be it national or overseas. Second, but not of any less importance, I imagined having great and nurturing relationships.

However, this idea of mine got severely challenged as I watched a YouTube video of someone I genuinely admire and look up to as he has quite the heart and lifestyle that I would cultivate for myself. He mentioned he also has some bad days! Mind blown! But, he proceeded normally, “…well sadness is just one of the many human emotions, just like happiness, so I should be good…” This was not the most revolutionary idea an 18 year old could come across with but it sure did hit me like one! Most of the times, even though we are conscious about what influences us, we can be driven by the wheels the society we live in owns. I am motioning towards the ideal timeline and components of a successful life which our general consensus has laid out and guarantees the perennial supply of dopamine and endorphin levels as results for the compliance.

Let’s think, let’s think hard. Are we aiming to be beaming all the time? I doubt it would always be true even on days where we’re practically surrounded by the beings we love and other materialistic abundance we could ever dream for ourselves. I reckon it’s the peace we’re searching for to fill ourselves with- an aid to bear all moments of pain and pleasures. I’d like to believe all of us have that sense of peace in us already; all that is left is to scrap away the rust of half-truths.


Sumycheen Bhusal


KU-SOM Toastmasters Club


Create Your Own Happiness


August 2020