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EUPHORIA- The plat-du-jour You Can Never Refus

-Sir, what may I serve you?

-I am looking for something rejuvenating. I am a bit dejected since morning, you see.

-Oui. We just have the perfect course for you. The plat-du-jour: Euphoria!

I will be back in a jiffy, Monsieur!

The French chef of the restaurant, the conversation is at play, will never tell you the recipe for Euphoria-their signature dish. And if I am not wrong, no one will. You may travel far and wide in search of the ingredients that make up the meal you so crave for. Ecstasy of Chile, Mer-ri-ment of Ghana, Gaiety of Canada, Khushi of India, Anando of Bangladesh: all are nothing but synonyms for the dish you are longing for. The prices may vary, yes, across countries. Some may charge you-.wait! You don’t care how much you shell out. Impressive. All for a mood upliftment? Sigh. All those wars of independence and some of us are still parasitic when it comes to being self-sufficient!

Oh yes! The plat-du-jour! It is indeed something you can NEVER refuse. As far as the lores go, even Cadbury once tried to steal the recipe so as to provide their trusted customers with a ceaseless feel of happiness. By now you must be keen to go back to the café, by the Seine, overlooking the Eiffel. Oh yes, I remember, you were morose and depressed when I met you an hour back. I promised you the algorithm of the plat-du-jour of my routine life. So pick up a notebook, strain your ears, sharpen your mind. The ingredients and their proportions should be as perfect as Poirot prefers his breakfast egg!

Two cups of self-love

Five tablespoons of right purpose

Two and a quarter teaspoons of good company

A glass of positive thoughts

A cereal-bowl of self-belief

and, three soup spoons of smiles and make smiles.

Stir them all in a bowl and add whisked fresh air in it before serving. As simple as that. Remember, creating your own happiness is free but it comes along with a tag of “Create your own Happiness, Share with All”! Now, let’s get back to the café, shall we?

-Mon ami, it was delicious! I feel so fired up right now! Merci!

-The pleasure’s ours, Monsieur. We have Euphoria as our revered dish, every day.

-Oh yes, how much do I need to pay you?

-In France, Three Smiles would do, Monsieur. Bonne Journee!


Sandipan Das


Infosys Toastmasters Bhubaneswar


Create Your Own Happiness


August 2020