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Finding happiness!

Right at the moment when lockdown started, I was quite unsure how to deal with it for two main reasons. First being at home for 30 long days was making me very anxious. Second on what will I do in this complete lockdown at home?

Luckily being with family is something I was grateful especially with observing so many people missing their mother, wife, or husband’s food (yes guys can also cook).

Now to be very honest with you one thing I was very scared of was how family relations will turn out. One thing I completely believe is that our modern lifestyle has made us very less respectable in identifying other’s needs. Do you know what is human’s number one desire? No, it is not money, friends. it is the want to feel important but what has happened today is everyone wants someone else to make them feel important but no one is trying to make another person feel the same.

I know you to like everyone have tried your hands on some Indian, Mughlai, Italian, etc cuisines and after serving it beautifully on your crockery which was last used ……

I know you can’t remember to. You are waiting for much-anticipated appreciation from the people you care about but let just imagine how you would have felt if you didn’t get the appreciation you expected, would you have tried cooking another time it’s difficult right? This is you want to feel important.

Observing this in the whole lockdown period when my mum, sister, dad ( yes, guys can cook ) made some cuisine at first I appreciated less because I am way too shy but when just for experimenting I started appreciating my family members even in little things, believe me, I felt that the happiness index of our home had multiplied two folds.

Blown up by the fact that such a simple act can bring so much positivity in one’s life I created my strategy. I focus on doing two things, first to always look for the opportunity to appreciate and second my favourite when anyone in my family arrives, I stop what I was doing, turn towards them and just listen. Yes, that’s it.

The results were tremendous. My communication was at another level, I was hardly speaking anything and still was coming out as a very positive guy. I realized that Creating your happiness is at your own hands only. The choices you make determine everything. Just try for yourself, appreciation, and sincerely listening I am sure you will be amazed by the happiness it will bring in your life.


Deepanshu Jindal


Millennium City Toastmasters Club


Create Your Own Happiness


August 2020