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The Art of Being Happy

“How are you so cheerful all the time?”

“How are you always happy and smiling?”

Some of the questions, I get asked every now and then. My friends and peer ask me many a time, What’s the secret of my happiness? And every time I transport back to my past.

Two years ago I was going through a very rough patch in my life. My self-confidence had taken a hit. I felt dejected, helpless and lonely. I distanced myself from my friends and family .With therapy I recovered from depression and self harm. But that bitterness and self – loathing remained in my heart. I struggled to get up from bed and survive the day.

It was during this time that I rejoined Toastmasters. I thought attending sessions will distract me from my misery and will keep me engaged for a while.

But slowly I got involved in club activities. I delivered speeches, conducted sessions, got elected in EC and so on. I found my lost self confidence, self belief and most importantly my smile. I fell in love with the stage, became aware of my creative skills and discovered my love for photography. And all this would not have happened had I not taken that step into the world of Toastmasters.

Happiness is an essential yet an elusive aspect of our life. Being happy is an art which takes practice to master. And I try to accomplish this daily. Practice of loving one – self ,practice of doing that one thing you love everyday, practice of being positive in the face of adversity. I create my own happy space keep my “Happiness Backups”. If I have a bad day at job, I watch a feel good movie or a web series .If I am feeling blue, I take up my phone and explore my photography skills.

So when someone asks me, “What’s the secret of your happiness?” I reply – “Well, there is no point in being sad and missing out on good things in life. I would rather be happy and face everything with a smile.”


Arpita Behera


Infosys Toastmasters Bhubaneshwar


Create Your Own Happiness


August 2020