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Authentic Self

Been toastmasters since April 2013, taken multiple long breaks in between, you must be wondering what’s this guy up to. I have always been asking this question to myself, why join back Toastmasters again and again. Here are some of my thoughts.

First time, I went on stage to speak up was when I must be 11 years old. The speakers before me were vibrant, confident and loud. Seeing them, I decided I should also be as loud as possible. This way I will receive more applauses. But when, I reached the stage, my voice vanished, my body acted like a pendulum and without uttering even a single word, I return to my seat.

Toastmasters is a solution to such problems as It trains one’s mind to go the stage repeatedly. It provides a friendly environment, where everyone would be working hard to excel the “one” same skill you are setup for. And the motivation comes from multiple sources like

o From fellow toastmasters, seeing their growth

o From new toastmaster joining in similar stage as you have joined reiterating the fact that you are not only who somewhat lacks public speaking skills

o From the awards, commendation and respect from fellow toastmasters upon your success

You start to see the light at the end of tunnel and the journey continues. You start finding your authentic self while you choose the topics for prepared speeches and table topics speeches. With truth coming out of your authentic self, your belief in yourself starts improving. Once you start believing yourself your self-confidence start to get boosted.

Summing up my toastmasters’ journey till date, Toastmasters has helped me find solution to my problems. I found my authentic self to express my story anywhere anytime.

I pledge to accomplish all my goals I set for myself. We hear the nearly similar stories from across Toastmasters family. So, I urge all my readers to “renew the promise and revive your spirit” to accomplish what you deserve. Find your authentic self and be successful in every sphere of your life.


TM Kumar Goyal


Gurgaon Toastmasters Club




September 2020