District 41


Ranked #1 District (2016-17)

Smedley Distinguished (2019-2020)

A Livewire Article

Did you reach this far to only reach this far?

August 2015 when I stepped in toastmasters. The start was slow but the flow kept me improving. As we grow up, the challenges in life also intensified which kept me occupied in other things in life. Eventually I did not renew after 2.5 years or five consecutive terms in toastmaster. March 2018 was my last month in toastmasters and after 1.5 years I realized it was my Cardinal sin not to renew and continue in toastmasters. After a long break I thought to put a brake on the break and made my entry again on 1st January 2020. While speaking I genuinely realized that the crutch words were used numerously, I was taking longer time in the formation of sentences to be spoken and I forgot the art of speaking articulately. The flow and the glow of public speaking deteriorated as you all know because of inconsistency. That time I realized public speaking is synonym to fitness. The times when you’re inconsistent with your workouts , you gradually lose your fitness. Similarly, when you’re inconsistent with toastmasters, you gradually lose the richness of speaking articulately.

Now gradually I’m again in the flow Since January 2020, In my room with the zoom just to bloom in communication. To cover up for my depletion, I joined one more club known as Kolkata advanced toastmasters club for the swiftness of my improvement. Being a dual member is always a blessing. I have made up my mind that no matter how much my schedule is hectic my attendance in toastmasters should get a tick. I made sure all my friends in toastmasters also renew. I elaborated them the importance of consistency and the consequences of inconsistency that I faced, made them to renew and continue. I believe there is no end for enhancement.

In the month of March and September I always ask myself “Did I reach this far to only reach this far”

The answer is obviously Noooo !!

So I made a promise to continue and renew to learn new. Revive my spirit to strive every minute in toastmasters.


TM Ayush Vaidya


Kolkata Advanced Toastmasters Club




September 2020