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Fuelling the spirit

Any relationship is based on a promise. We make a promise to our partner that we will keep contributing, keep taking care, keep investing in common goals. We also make a promise to ourselves that we will keep enjoying the adventures that the relationship brings and keep learning to be better people through the experience. Ultimately, that relationship could take both partners through a journey that lifts the spirits.

But does that always happen? A married couple is ecstatic during the first year, but gradually, familiarity brings forth a tinge of apathy. A new mother goes gaga over every single activity of her new-born child, but a few months down the line she is so relieved when her mother comes to visit and gives her a few days holiday from the incessant nappy-changing. A new job may add new vigour to the fresh engineer, but the drudgery of facing grumpy customers on his sales route can kill all enthusiasm. Any relationship starts off on a heartfelt promise and high spirits, but time lays its heavy hand. Does it not need revival and recharging? Well, our relationship with our mobile phone would break down after a day without recharging – what to speak of more complex relationships?

Would we suggest a second honeymoon to the jaded couple? Absolutely! A creche of three hours a day for the toddler? Well, definitely his mother would greet him like a long-lost waif when picking him up again. An off-site training session for the sales engineer? The bonhomie that he develops there would surely keep his batteries charged for a year. Renewal is the key to revival.

This thought touched me personally as well, since, at the end of September, we renew our promise to continue learning from Toastmasters, to revive and recharge our spirit that gets bogged down in the quicksand of daily routine.

Recharge. Renew. Revive. Relate. Only then can our promises keep fuelling our spirit.


Rajat Ray


Elite Toastmasters Club




September 2020