The first COTP for the newly formed division of District 41Division L was a huge success, with a grand opening ceremony for a grand entity coming into existence. And the host ITB-STP made event remarkable one for the quality they showcased. One can only dream of such an event where all the masters of public speaking come together to share their knowledge and soothe the mind of listeners with vibration of amazing speeches. All the EC roles were explained in detail by people who are top dogs in these domains. People attended this event even when the rainy weather tried to ruin their flamboyant look and nicely ironed dresses. And it was all worth it, as they heard some transcendental speeches.

DTM Jennifer Ghosh (CGD, District 41) started the event with an inspiring story which concluded with, “the answer is in your hands”. Her stage presence, eloquence and narration were transfixing and awe inspiring. TM Dr. Chetna Verma (Area L3 Director) talked about her own experiences in mentorship and how a mentor can change the lives of his or her mentees. She told us why Toastmasters is not just a club but a family and reminded how important it is to make a newcomer feel at home when everyone is a stranger on joining Toastmasters. TM Smita Pati (D41 Newsletter Editor) reminded us about the importance of following the good practices which are a standard for the Toastmasters international. TM Kaushik Bhattacharya (Division L Director) talked about the judging and evaluation done in speech contests. The way he cracked open each and every nut and screw of speech evaluation was very enlightening. That would certainly help all the contestants to prepare their speeches more effectively.

All in all, it was a grand event, which every attendee loved, and some even quoted it to be the best COTP they have attended in recent times!

Author: Soumojit Choudhary (PRM, Div L)
Editor: Shreshtha Bansal (D41 PR Team)