Turning Point Toastmasters’ 16th Meeting turned out to be an energy-packed, informative and knowledgeable session.

TMOD Mridula with the theme “The Secrets to Great Leadership” kept everyone engaged with many leadership tips.

Speaker Rahul Chaudhary delivered an excellent speech on the plight of Indian farmers in the present era in the first section of the session.

This was followed by Table Topics conducted by TM Heena with some amazing topics. Member and guests both participated in the Table Topics Session. General Evaluator TM

Anuj Gupta with his team of evaluators – Karan, Vijay and Sweety presented the evaluation, ‘sandwich-ed’.

The cherry on the cake was the Moments of Truth session conducted by TM Vijay. With loads of facts, anecdotes and activities, TM Vijay helped the club understand their current stand and future plans.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!"
- Helen Keller

Winners of the meeting are:

Best Speaker – Rahul (“Plight of Indian Farmers Today”)
Best Table Topic Speaker – Abhishek
Best Evaluator – Sandeep
Best Auxiliary Role Player – Sweety (Grammarian)
Best Role Player – Anuj Gupta (General Evaluator)


Turning Point Toastmasters thanks guests TM Anuj, TM Jyoti, Shreya, Jasmin and Abhishek for joining the 16th meeting and added onto the enthusiastic atmosphere!

We look forward to more memorable and inspiration meetings.

Author: Mridula Kore