District 41 Toastmasters



Dear Toastmasters, 
I am pleased to present to you the District 41 PR Awards for the term 2017-18. These awards are designed to recognise the Best Clubs which:
• Promote Toastmasters in the best light, aligned with the Brand Standards and the Brand Promise.
• Maintain proper channels of communication and update them regularly.
• Follow the Best Practices in Public Relations to the best of their abilities.
The criteria for each award have been designed to reflect the essentials of what the particular medium of PR pertains to. In order to help all the clubs aim to achieve these awards, the PR Team will be organizing several webinars over the course of the year. We will also be providing a detailed feedback on all entries that meet the qualifying requirement and guidance for those which don’t.
Devina Chaturvedi, ACS, ALB
Public Relations Manager
District 41 Toastmasters
Email: tmdistrict41prteam@gmail.com




General Instructions:

The recognition program in this regard shall have 2 Rounds.
Deadlines: 10 PM IST on
• First Round: 15 October 2017
• Second Round: 20 April 2018
• The evaluation will be continuous and will start from the moment the entry has been submitted. So clubs are encouraged to share entries regularly and timely instead of waiting for the Deadline.

• Filtering out of entries based on qualifying criteria will be done by the PR Team.

• A Panel of a minimum of 12 Judges on rotation will score the entries based on the point system set and rank the top three.
The first place will receive 3 points, second place will receive 2 points, third place will receive 1 point from each of the judges.
These points will be totalled. The entry that receives the maximum points in this tally shall be deemed as the winner.

• A tiebreaker judge will also score the entries based on the point system set. He/She will rank all the entries. The tiebreaker judge’s ranking will be used to break the tie, in case any.

• To participate, clubs must fill the complete details on this form: http://bit.ly/D41ClubDetails by 20 April 2018.

• Newsletters must be emailed to tmdistrict41prteam@gmail.com before the deadline.


Entries Received and Award Criteria: