District 41


Ranked #1 District (2016-17)

Smedley Distinguished (2019-2020)

Program Quality Director’s Awards

Clubs that achieve 5/10 Goals by 30th Nov. 2020.

  • Clubs that charter on or after 01 July 2020 and become Distinguished or better in 2020- 21.
  • Distinguished Club with highest ratio of awards to base membership.
  • Members to be taken as base membership or 20 whichever is higher.
  • one type of award to be considered once per member.
  • Last date of consideration: 30th April 2021
  • The highest educational Award for an individual by Toastmaster International


  • Pathways Journey

    • Complete two learning paths.
    • Serve as a club officer for 12 months, participate in the preparation of a Club Success Plan, and participate in a district-sponsored club officer training program.
    • Serve a complete one-year term as a district officer.
    • Serve successfully as a club mentor or coach.
    • Serve successfully as a club sponsor or conduct a Speechcraft or Youth Leadership program.
    • Complete the DTM project.

Any three certifications or levels or combination of both filled from 1st July, 2020 to 30th June, 2021

  • Only for members (non district officers) who support the club meetings, of other clubs (other than their home clubs , where he/she does not hold a membership)).
  • Agenda and minutes must be uploaded. **Highest participation in every Division to be recognized.

 Awarded quarterly to Members (Non District Officers) who helped the Club / Area / Division in the management of online meetings, contests and events (one person per Division will get this quarterly certificate with 1 point for finals)

Top 3 members (with highest points) will be awarded in the annual district conference

 V Gold – 100% of clubs in the Division conducting regular meetings virtually between 20th July till 20th September 2020.

V Silver – 80% of clubs in the Division conducting regular meetings virtually plus minimum 3 members of the remaining 20% club/clubs attending the joint meeting organized by another club/club

For Areas and Divisions, based on their base membership and number of education awards filed as of May 15, 2021.

80-100% – Bronze
100 – 120% – Silver
120% + Gold