Proposed Realignment 2018-19

The proposed realignment of clubs, areas & divisions in District 41 for the year 2018-2019 is presented hereunder

Background – The re-alignment committee for proposed realignment for 2018-19 was headed by current CGD Jennifer Ghosh, DTM, who was aided by a team of 12 team members. The committee had worked out an initial broad level realignment proposal (called as Proposal 1)  and published the same to the Top leadership of the District, sometime in first or 2nd week of February 2018. Based on the same,  call for nominations was announced on Feb 12, 2018 to all members of District 41. The committee had then envisaged under Proposal 1, a total of 10 Divisions in District 41 for 2018-19. The broad geographies under each Division was also announced in the call for nominations for elected district leadership positions including those of Division Directors for these 10 divisions. Based on responses of aspirant candidates and a shortlisting by the District Leadership Committee, the nomination slate for 2018-19 was announced to the District Council through an email dated Apr 11, 2018, well within the required notice period before the upcoming DC meeting.
The District Leadership has been through formal / informal mechanisms getting suggestions/feedback regarding the earlier proposed broad realignment plan. One of the important feedback was about two Dvisions, namely Division E (Delhi/Faridabad) and Division J (West Bengal/Assam/Bangladesh), which appeared to be club heavy ( in terms of number of clubs) and hence susceptible to administration issues. Sensing possible challenges with these divisions, the re-alignment committee after due consultation with Toastmasters International (TI) decided to relook at the realignment and arrived at a Proposal 2, which envisages 12 Divisions instead of 10, with the two additional divisions coming from splitting the original Division E & J. The Realignment committee has published the Proposal 2 on April 27, 2018 and proposes that the re-alignment be on the basis of Proposal 2, subject to approval from the District council


Impact – In the District Council meeting, the re-alignment committee shall present the realignment report where Proposal 2 shall be presented to the council for consideration. If it is accepted by DC, the election for the earlier proposed Division E & Division J shall have an impact in the sense that there will then be 2 more newly proposed divisions, namely Division K & Division L.  So, candidates for the new / altered divisions shall be through nominations from the floor ( in addition to the already shortlisted nominations for the un-split divisions).