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Greetings buddying Leaders of Toastmasters,

A new Toastmasters year always comes filled with new challenges! To add more zeal and enthusiasm, District 41 brings to you the ever-awaited Smedley Challenge 2021-22 (July 01st to Dec 31st).

This initiative aims to motivate the uninitiated to explore the plethora of opportunities of this community and Recognise and Appreciate you for your efforts to do so!

In Albert Einstein’s famous words, “Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.”, let us work towards making this challenge a grand success and make District 41 better than the best!

More the members, more the ideas.
More the ideas, better the quality.

#smedleychallenge2021-22 #d41#One41

Submit your entry at: https://d41tm.org/SmedleyChallengeForm

a. What is the challenge all about?
To add new members to our Toastmasters family

b. What should I do to participate?
Add at least three members to the fraternity from your end and you are in the challenge.

c. I added a new member, what next?
Make sure you fill the following Google form so that we can track your participation: 

d. Wondering how to check your sponsorship history?
Click here

e. How is this different from the previous Smedley Challenge?
- On addition of 3 members by an individual he/she will achieve the Silver status and shall receive goodies on the achievement towards the end of the challenge.
- On addition of a total of 5 members by an individual he/she will achieve the Gold status and shall receive goodies (different from the silver status) on the achievement.
- On addition of a total of 7 or more members by an individual he/she will achieve the Platinum status and shall receive goodies (different from the silver and gold status) and Toastmasters International Pin on the achievement.
- Along with these, the top three clubs at the District level adding the most members from each category viz. Community, Institutional and Corporate shall be rewarded separately.



TM Mridula Sengupta

Assistant Club Growth Director
District 41 Toastmasters

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