It is a time of immense pride for our club Infosys Toastmasters BBSR SEZ as it completed its 100 sessions on 23rd August, 2018. ITB SEZ got chartered on 7th September, 2016. Through these 2 years we have overcome many hindrances, and faced many challenges, but today we stand strong, already 100 sessions old.

The 100th session was a grand event which was attended by our District PR manager TM Smita Pati and Area Director I2 TM Somali Mallick. The event invitation was sent out to all the club’s of Division I in both flyer and video format. The event was started by a small speech by our Dist. PR MGR TM Smita Pati who encouraged and motivated us for more success to come and, a small speech by our AD I2 TM Somali Mallick whose enthusiasm made us more enthusiastic. We had a speech marathon where the audience witnessed 6 prepared speakers on stage.

For the occasion we had also received congratulatory messages in video format from all the Area directors of Division I – “Congratulating us on our 100 session and motivating us for more achievements”, which was played during the event and was socialized too.. Amidst all these we heard sweet memories shared (via video) by people associated with ITBSEZ – our chartered and ex-members.

Along with all these activities, a ppt of 100 slides which included the pic of the club charter day, awards, fantastic 50, all the festivals that we celebrate, all the members of the club – (including ex members of the club) was playing at the background before the audience.

Apart from all the activities a small token of happiness – stickers of “100 Reasons To Celebrate ITBSEZ” was distributed to every guests and members which they could stick to their attire. 

There is a saying, -“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”- So we also arranged food packs for all the members and the guests.

The winners were appreciated with books. The session ended with cake cutting and photo session. 100th session is not the destination, rather a milestone in a long journey of achievements. We have miles ….. to go.

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