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Create Your Own Happiness

Create your own happiness

Just until a couple of months ago, I held this picture-perfect concept in my mind regarding what happiness should look and feel like. Theoretically, I knew that I was the only one who could truly make myself happy but I overlooked to decide what happiness would actually mean for me. I had a rough sketch in my mind that I would be doing a work that I would enjoy and pay me well such that I can afford frequent trips and adventures be it national or overseas. Second, but not of any less importance, I imagined having great and nurturing relationships. However, this idea ofRead More →

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Create Your Own Happiness

How does one become happy? Is there a magical formula for happiness? The answer to these questions, my friends, lies within. There is no one size-fits all solution to all our problems since we are all different. 150+ days of solitude post the lockdown have taught me a few valuable life-lessons on how to be happy. My 10 commandments of happiness are: 1. Allocate a minimum of an hour every day to unwind and do what you love doing the most. It could be cooking, dancing, reading, catching up with someone or just about anything that makes you happy! 2. Choose not to respond toRead More →

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Create your own Happiness

Happiness, a complete sentence within self with lots of logic, emotionand reasons behind. Its always said to be happy, and the sorrows wouldjust go away. For a person, who is not fortunate enough to even attendthe school in his/her childhood days its not an easy thing to seek for,but not even the most difficult of task either.Raj is elder son in his family with three sisters younger to her who liveswith his mother. During his childhood days, his mother was left aloneby his father to fight the battles of life on her own. Raj had a difficultchildhood, as he had to earn bread for hisRead More →

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Create your own happiness

“Happiness does not come automatically. It is not a gift that good fortune bestows upon us and reversal of fortune takes back” It depends on us alone. One does not become happy overnight, but with patient labor, day after day, happiness is constructed but that requires efforts & time. Now, this is my personal experience, No one can give you true happiness except yourself, not your charming lover, best friend or sweetest family members can bring you the blue sky of happiness. I read it somewhere that albert Einstein’s son asked him for secret of happiness & learning. To which Einstein replied succinctly that findRead More →

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Finding happiness!

Right at the moment when lockdown started, I was quite unsure how to deal with it for two main reasons. First being at home for 30 long days was making me very anxious. Second on what will I do in this complete lockdown at home? Luckily being with family is something I was grateful especially with observing so many people missing their mother, wife, or husband’s food (yes guys can also cook). Now to be very honest with you one thing I was very scared of was how family relations will turn out. One thing I completely believe is that our modern lifestyle has madeRead More →

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Creating our own happiness means looking for something that is not there in the first place. Alternatively, we want to substitute all the bad experiences and memories with joy. Our aim is to be ecstatic. To be free from all the negative emotions of life like anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, envy, rejection which ultimately results in sadness. The purest form of happiness is to watch a new born baby. All the misery in the world cannot stop the new born from enjoying his own company which looks like he is on cloud nine. As the new born grows and becomes an infant, he starts recognizingRead More →

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