District 41 Toastmasters

Nomination Slate for the year 2024-25

  • DD – Moon Pradhan, DTM
  • PQD – Gaurav Chaudhary 
  • CGD – Shwetank Sharma and Neelima Wali
  • Div A – Euden Koirala 
  • Div B – Nirajan Shrestha 
  • Div C – Rabindra Pradhan
  • Div D – Neha Amatya 
  • Div E – Blank
  • Div F – Blank
  • Div G – Sanjana Monga
  • Div H – Anjana Tandon
  • Div I – Ankita Jain
  • Div J – Prakash Bhatt

If there’s a new Division proposed by the realignment chair, then the election for the new Division will be from the floor. 

For Div E and F, all eligible candidates can contest from the floor provided they apply before the deadline (28th of April). 

For remaining positions, candidates applied but not having their names on the nomination slate can still contest from the floor provided they share their intent with me or with DD atleast one week before the elections (28th of April)