District 41 Toastmasters

The voyage of a leader

Rough and tough, hale and hearty, a man set out to “become a leader” in his journey! “But wait, wait, wait!” says the narrator – because before stepping into the shoes of the leader, the man needs to know the leadership in action!

Well, this small narrative displays to us the crux, that no matter how smart or strong you might be but until the time you know how a leader works in action, till then it will be a difficult ride to be a leader who leads with power, compassion and grandeur.

Leadership is a journey beyond what a person might expect. It pushes you to reach your full potential, unwind the raging ambition in you and unveil the leader you always were under the light. There is no doubt that being a leader teaches you a lot but the journey might not be as easy and sweet like it’s result, because the truth of the moment is that to reach a poignant place of passion and luxury, you have to slog, you have to bring things together, learn to work together and learn the ins and outs of worldly skills to finally reach a destination and position of poise and joy, which we all know as the leader who pursues leadership in action!

A leadership in action is like leading with acting at every step! As you progress through your journey, you identify the barriers, you note the accelerators which are a part of the long run. Identifying seeks to be the crucial steps that causes you to work, act and lead ahead. Upon identifying, many hidden aspects also come into light which grabs your attention to the unseen efforts, the much hard work and action that goes behind the back to deliver a result of relief and satisfaction. This feeling, motivates you to take action, clears the conundrum whether it will be worth it or not because, you realize, it is always worth it! No matter how long it takes, no matter how hard it might get, but your efforts are never going to turn into waste.

The only thing left is to ignite your journey with compassion! One of the most crucial elements which can make or break a team is mutual empathy and understanding without which it’s a rough journey to co-operate and tolerate. Therefore, being a leader also teaches you to progress with your members in empathy, understanding and compassion and it’s a skill worth learning! Hence, that is why, perhaps the saying goes by Simon Sinek- “A boss has a title, a leader has the people” ☺

So, act, act and act don’t give up yet, because the journey of being a leader might be tough but still it is waiting the worth. You are a leader, a leader in action! You set the example with setting light to your leadership in action. Each leader brings something new to the table and so will you, have faith in your abilities and your qualities of success.

Drishyaa Duggal
Capital City Toastmasters