District 41 Toastmasters


A pivotal moment in my life took place on February 1st, 2024. It’s not my birthday or anniversary, but the day I officially became a member of Jhapa Toastmasters Club. Allow me to be frank without risking arrogance: I was already proficient in speaking English, but not in public speaking. We understand that, upon close analysis, these are two different skills. Being on stage can send shivers down one’s spine, risking the intended message to be misconstrued. I would often feel that.

However, upon entering Jhapa Toastmasters Club, I felt different. Chairman Pushpanjali Sinha’s warm welcome and the encouraging smiles of Toastmasters Vinita, Manoj, and Sneha immediately fostered a sense of belonging. After shaking hands and exchanging smiles with many others, I instantly realized that it wasn’t just a club; it was a supportive community. Finally, I felt at home.

But beyond the stage limelight, the magic truly unfolds. Workshops aren’t just lectures; they’re interactive playgrounds to hone our skills. The importance of punctuality, which I have witnessed here, speaks volumes about the club’s respect for time. It is worth mentioning that a culture of disrespecting time has unfortunately become the norm in our daily lives and work! This club provides an excellent platform to reinstate the value of time.

Personally, participation in Table Topics has been a real game changer. The spontaneous speeches, which were nerve-wracking at first, have become thrillingly entertaining. I’ve won four TABLE TOPIC SPEECH CONTESTS so far! Each victory was more than a personal triumph; it gave me insight into the club’s culture. The impartial voting system, without favoritism, has instilled a deep sense of trust in me. Real appreciation and constructive feedback from my fellow toastmasters have motivated me to make further progress.

But it wasn’t just about winning a competition. My role as a grammarian has taught me the importance of precise language. I’ve held this role four times and won the award of BETTER ROLE TAKER—guess what? Four times! I’ve learned to listen more carefully to others and analyze their language use with the intention of helping them improve their accuracy and pronunciation. I admire how a grammarian avoids mentioning names of the speakers and only points out inappropriate usage in general. That is fantastic, to say the least! My passion for this role has translated into the club members’ display of love towards me through their ballot power.

There’s no stopping my learning! I’ve learned that body language conveys meaning. It’s not just about standing upright; it’s about using gestures and expressions to become a captivating storyteller. Toastmasters opened my eyes to the power of non-verbal communication, emphasizing the need for strong eye contact to connect with the audience. Jhapa Toastmasters Club has given me new hope and renewed confidence. There are many valuable lessons that I have learned, such as time management, the art of creating concise yet meaningful messages, and the strategic use of humor. However, the power of a supportive community may be the most important lesson learned.

Recently, I have started a language teaching blog linguistdipak100.wordpress.com—all this after becoming a toastmaster. Kudos to me! I’m eagerly waiting for my ICEBREAKER speech! I must confess that I am no longer searching for longevity pills on social media platforms (only a light joke intended).
TN WAGLE, a passionate learner!

Tek Nath Sharma Wagle
Member, Jhapa Toastmasters Club