District 41 Toastmasters

A Toast to 200

“A Toast to 200”. This was the tagline for the 200th KUSOM Toastmasters Club meeting held on 8th October, 2023 at Kathmandu University School of Management, Balkumari, Lalitpur. The club under Area A4 chartered on June 22nd, 2018 completed its 200th meeting after more than five years since its chartered date.

The 3-hour-long meeting started with a welcome dance performance by the club’s members followed by a speech by DTM Pankaj Pradhananga on “Leadership: Know Thyself” where the distinguished toastmaster emphasized the audience to know oneself deeper for being a robust leader. The meeting also had the presence of the Area Director of the club, TM KP Upadhaya. Various other members of the KUSOM Toastmasters Club showed their vocal and musical talents during the meeting to keep up the entertainment for the guests.

The Table Topic segment, which is the most enjoyable element of most Toastmasters meetings, fell behind the Games section at the 200th meeting To make the meeting lively and engaging, different games such as Pictionary, Quiz, and Lucky Draw were carried out and the winners were awarded with amazing door prizes like books, cups, and notebooks. One of the most remarkable things to view was the competition among the Toastmasters and guests for winning the prizes at the meeting.

It brought out the inner child among the seasoned toastmasters and budding toastmasters as well as the potential toastmasters i.e. the guests. “It was exciting, educational, enthralling, exhilarating and extraordinary! Kudos to the spirit of Young Leaders of the club “ quotes the Area Director of the club. The meeting ended with dinner served for all where people enjoyed their food and had the chance to build valuable networks with each other present in the celebratory meeting.

The president of the KUSOM Toastmasters club, TM Simran Lageju states, “This milestone is the celebration of each and everyone’s unique paths of self-improvement and growth. It is the celebration of every challenge we have overcome together as a club. ”

Ang T. Sherpa
KUSOM Toastmasters