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The Art of Non-Verbal Communication: The Power of Play in Real-Life Situations

Body language speaks volumes, often louder than words. It helps us understand and decode what someone is saying and conveys the unspoken. The significance of body language lies in its ability to help us interpret the moods and emotions of others. Moreover, it enhances our conscious understanding of people’s reactions to our words and how we deliver them.

As a father of an infant, I’ve come to appreciate how expressions and actions can reveal a person’s feelings in any situation. Play-Based Speech Therapy truly capitalizes on anyone’s curiosity and interest in building new skills, and it gets them excited about learning. Additionally, it instills confidence in individuals, boosting their self-belief as learners and communicators.

It can be challenging to convince someone with words alone, but when you incorporate body language and actions, you can easily win hearts and foster a sense of connection with others. This reminds me of an incident that reinforced my belief that words, when combined with the power of play, can work wonders.

After graduating in Delhi NCR, I joined a company in Ahmedabad and became engrossed in my work. I hadn’t visited my friends in Delhi for two years. Feeling exhausted, I decided to pay a visit to my close friend, Ketan, in Delhi. Ketan and I, former hostel roommates, share a strong bond. So, I chose to stay at his house, and in the evening, we set out to savor Delhi’s renowned street food. Ketan had recently purchased a bike called Hunk, and with a spirited “Handsome on Hunk,” he revved up the engine. I was eager to see what had changed on the roadsides during the past two years, with Ketan zigzagging through the bustling market area while humming “Dhoom Dhoom.”

Suddenly, a jolt shook me as Ketan slammed on the brakes. Before I could understand what had happened, a man lay on the road, having been lightly struck by our bike. It took a moment to realize that the man on the road was wearing a traffic police officer’s uniform. For a fraction of a second, we were both stunned.

It took me a while to regain my composure. I quickly stepped off the bike and extended my hand to help the Traffic Police Uncle up, inquiring if he was okay. A crowd quickly gathered. I was numb, and I saw Ketan start bawling as he burst into tears and jumped into the traffic police uncle’s leg, claiming that the accident occurred due to brake failure, and we were on our way to donate blood to his injured friend. Remarkably, everyone believed him. I can’t speak for others, but I found myself convinced that we needed to rush to the hospital to save his friend’s life.

That day, I witnessed the incredible power of play.

Charlie Chaplin, the maestro of body language, rightly demonstrated that the body language of a tramp, much like his character, has the power to hold the world together when it comes to portraying human emotions. It’s the walk that speaks.

Vaibhav Pandya
Siemens Tales and Tellers Club Gurgaon