District 41 Toastmasters

My Journey to Toastmasters

Back in October 2019, my team and I had to make a presentation to introduce ourselves to our new boss in Spain. I was excited because I was good at making cool presentations with lots of pictures and effects. I made some awesome slides, but when it was my turn to present, I got really nervous.

Everyone else seemed confident when they talked about themselves. But when I stood up to show my slides, I forgot what I wanted to say. I ended up just reading from the slides, feeling really uncomfortable.

Post-session, many offered advice, suggesting I enroll in language institutes to improve my English, assuming that was the root issue. After extensive research, I discovered Toastmasters, offering a platform for language practice and leadership development at a nominal fee. Eager to improve, I attended one of their nearby meetings as a guest.

That day marked the beginning of my journey within the Toastmasters community, now spanning two years. While I can’t claim perfection or label myself a proficient public speaker, I’ve gained the confidence to express myself eloquently to my team.

My progression from a Specialist to Senior Specialist, then to Regional Manager, and now Senior Regional Manager, was significantly bolstered by the invaluable support and constructive feedback from Toastmasters and its members in every meeting. I am dedicated to remaining an active member of this community for life.

Image : my first Ice-breaker speech in Toastmaster

Raju Chauhan