District 41 Toastmasters

Kingdom of Discoveries

Ever been to a land which was unfamiliar yet offered you a sense of comfort, growth, joy and exploration?

A place of growth, a nurturing nest of possibilities and a place always pushing me to be the best version I could ever be, a home away from home for me i.e. Toastmasters.
This month marks the 1 year journey of me writing for the LiveWire Magazine, and today too I am writing this with so much love, joy and gratitude.

It almost seems like yesterday that I came as a guest to hone my speaking skills and without a doubt, ever since I started my journey, there has never been a moment to rest upon my laurels and sit in the complacency of my skills, always giving me with new opportunities and challenges. Toastmasters has helped me to grow and thrive in the wide arena of speaking to explore my strengths, my commendations and feedbacks to serve to my recommendations!

It’s been a journey of transformation and transcendence which gifted me not only with confidence and the joy of speaking, but importantly with a set of kind and warm hearted people who have supported me, helped me improve and even be the kind of friends that always stand strong together.

Never been at a loss, never felt as if I got lost because the journey has always taught me to work on myself and thrive, because the destination will be reached anyway but what’s really important is to forget all the dismay and enjoy the present journey at bay! Who could have thought that a single small step to joining a meeting to speaking as a guest would take me to be as confident in my speaking skills and abilities as I could ever be.

Grateful, happy and fortunate to be able to discover a kingdom of exploration, discoveries and achievements, a home away from home called Toastmasters.

Drishyaa Duggal